Here at Performance@Hart we can provide a whole range of rustproofing services from the more straightforward maintenance protection jobs through to complete restorations with chassis repairs, custom fabrication and welding. Our objective is to ensure your vehicle is well protected against the elements and stands the test of time whether it’s in your garage, in the daily UK weather or on a track most of its life.

We can provide all types of undersealing including removal of the old OEM/after-sale applied underseal, bare metal stripping and durable protection application and complete cavity wax injection treatments. We are of course also happy to provide advice on future maintenance. All our treatments give you the piece of mind that your car is well protected against the Rust devil for decades to come.

A wide number of products are recommended and used including WAXOYL, DINITROL, UPOL RAPTOR, DYNAX and ACF-50. The application of these products will naturally depending on your specific requirements for your vehicle and your budget. There is always a solution to fit any budget, the key is to prevent corrosion and ensure durability.

Before applying any of these products we will thoroughly clean the underside of your vehicle so as to remove years of accumulated all dirt, grit, rust and degraded underseal. The car will then be thoroughly dried over 48 hours and moisture tested. This is the most important part of the entire process as any moisture present can lead to serious ingress and render any protection useless.

We take our time and take photos throughout the process documenting preparation and application so you can be sure of a robust job that will help maintain the value of your cherished vehicle.


Here are just a few pictures from a recently completed Restoration Project. This is a full ground up restoration of a Maxda MX5 Track Day Car completed in September 2017. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves….!